Capital Raising

Equity and Debt

Capital Raising   

Capital fuels growth and provides flexibility. Our longstanding relationships with financial institutions and their investors, combined with carefully tailored offering structures, are the right formula to achieve successful capital planning. Faced with unprecedented operating and regulatory challenges, financial institutions have increasingly sought to add capital to their balance sheets or recapitalize and have turned to us.  


Finding Options

We work with our clients to analyze capital structures, review alternatives, and select the optimal mix of capital offerings. We serve as objective advisors who present a range of equity and debt financing options to help clients add value in each stage of a transaction.  


Our group helps clients raise equity capital by acting as an intermediary between the equity issuer and the equity buyer or independently. The group originates, structures and executes equity and equity-related issues and provides advice on a range of transactions for corporate clients in today’s constantly changing environment.  Our advice is customized to the specific circumstances and strategic considerations relevant to the client and starts with a thorough examination of the company, including its business model, capital structure and overall financial profile. Our Capital Raising group brings to bear Quantum Partners extensive resources in investment banking, equity research, equity sales and equity trading on behalf of our clients.  Our equity capital solutions include follow-on offerings, IPOs, private placements, at-the-market offerings, rights offerings, block trades, equity-linked securities and buybacks.  


Our debt solutions tailored to a client’s specific capital needs. Our seasoned investment bankers provide tactical consultation, determining optimal debt capital structures and accessing the markets to meet client objectives. Through our extensive experience and relationships with investors, Quantum Partners has developed a proven track record of helping financial companies raise debt capital.  We combine superior debt origination and structuring expertise with exceptional distribution capabilities to a broad range of institutional, bank and non-bank financial investors. 

 Our Debt Solutions Include:  

Convertible debt  

Corporate debt  

Private placements 

Medium term notes  

Collateral debt